/soi milk/
how regular milk introduces itself in Spanish
Oat Milk: Caray Bub, quién eres tú?
Milk: Soy milk!
Oat Milk: ¡Dios mío!
by Trooper Trahan July 21, 2021
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Not ethnicity or sexual terms.It's milk from soy.good replacement if you are grossed out milk coming from a cow's boob.Has as much calcium as regular milk.
Soy milk taste,s better than cow milk.
by Chickenwing21 October 1, 2006
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When you are milk and you want to introduce yourself in Spanish, you use it.
¡Hola! Soy milk. ¿Qué tal?
by Dick D. Dick November 18, 2020
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When a person's ethnicity is Half-White (Caucasian) and Half-Oriental (Chinese, Japanese, etc.), they are soy milk.
Since Candace's mom is Chinese and her father is Danish, she's soy milk.
by Candace Thackerson November 16, 2005
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A liquid food substitute, usually made from genetically modified soy beans -- soy beans grown on dirt, and contaminated with pesticides, herbicides and usually hexane. Massive amounts of sugar are added, so it doesn't cause gagging. We know sugar is healthy, because it has a lot of carbon, and humans are, after all, carbon based life forms.

Soy milk causes estrogen overload, reduces ability to digest protein, blocks uptake of minerals, and has many other health benefits.
Soy milk has got to be healthier than anything from an animal. Yum!!
by wordschmidt January 27, 2011
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aka: ejaculate. Also see jizz, jism and cum
Hey babe, I have a carton of Soy Milk with your name on it.
by Archer of Fish December 23, 2004
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Los Angeles; where you can get anyhting you need, especially for your dietary neuroses.
I can't wait to get over the Cajon pass: we'll be in the land of soy milk and cruelty-free honey!
by MPG May 5, 2004
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