Malk = Man + Talk

A time where you and your bro's can talk about any topic that will never fall onto girl ears
Man 1: We need to have a Malk.

Man 2: Alright

Man 1: I so cheated on my girlfriend last night at the club..

Man 2: Malk?
Man 1: Yes.
by Siegfried & Roy June 27, 2010
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The act of vomiting, hurling, barfing, losing lunch, tossing cookies, ralfing, throwing up, yacking, retching, technicolour yawning, spewing, blowing chunks, and/or other forms of physical illness.
when I was sick I Malk-ed on my pillow and woke up with stinky hair...
by MichaelDriver August 01, 2008
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-=:CHRiS:=-co founder of the word Malk says:
its mack + talk
used in a sentence im gonna malk that broad
meaning im gonna talk to her not to mack just to talk but if n e thing happens its all good lol
by Jmac May 25, 2004
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Malks is the type of girl that doesn't want to be a Malky.
Hey Malks, you're really cute.
by ASMest September 04, 2019
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The word "Malk" was created by my favorite youtuber 'ItsFunneh', A family friendly gamer.
Hey you want some "malk"?
by Comilz September 10, 2020
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