Another name for the overrated uni-browed quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens. Originated beacuse of his love for other mens penises.
by Gigantor10044 March 9, 2009
When someone asks who are they you respond wiht: Joe mamma likes Mike-ock
-Hey did you hear that Joe likes Mike?
-Who are they?
-Joe mamma likes Mike-ock!
by Mateusz yea that legend October 15, 2019
The worst insult anyone could give to other people. Joe here is referred to a specific figure.
James says im just like Joe........i beg to differ!!!! i think im NOTHING like JOE!!!!
by KSJ himself April 19, 2005
this is when you walk like your holding a shit between your legs trying not to crease ur shoe, specifically an edgar
marco: *is an edgar and walks weirdly trying not to crease his shoes*

mr. harrist: you walk like joe biden
by dumb b!tch March 22, 2022
Two words that would never come out of anyone's mouth unless they have been taking hallucinogenic shrooms.
Dave: So, Gonzales, th-th-th-this is what shroooooooo-oooooooooo-oooooooms are like, and I (hic) like 'em.
Gonzales: I like Joe Biden. He is a good president. (Hic) And the Earth is flat. (Hic)
by smoke muffin July 12, 2021