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A term used to describe a universal solution a person uses for any problem they encounter. Usually used when a person can't construct a good debate as a last resort.
"Sexism" for feminists and chauvinists.

"Racism" for anyone that has a problem with someone that has a different skin color than them.
by R. Kemp May 17, 2005
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The type of poop you take that doesnt require any wipe whatsoever. So clean that it literally just slides out of ones own anus nice and fast, and leaves behind no evidence. I diet in high fiber can be attributed to this.
Me: Remeber when you shoved that pen up my rectum the other day?
Friend: Yeah yo, there was no brown on that pen when I pulled it out.
Me: Well, I just did a Magic Bullet with my poop. Didn't even have to wipe.
Friend: So what you sayin is your rectum be clean enough for some pen action again?
Me: (Winks)
by TomSelleck42 May 05, 2011
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A term regarding most of the Call of Duties, especially Black Ops. A magic bullet is the last bullet in a guns clip, which ALWAYS kills a person (the magic bullet is shot and then reloading follows). Even if if the person barely shot you, if you get hit with the magic bullet you die.
DUDEE!!! WTF I was owning this dude and then he got me with his magic bullet! What a lucky douchebag!
by Blahfish May 01, 2011
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"dude I was backed up for like a week, then I stuck a magic bullet in my butt and it cleared out the pipes"
by enema of the people April 30, 2013
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A single bullet fired from a high-powered rifle which passes through the heads of Trump, all his sons, Mike Pence and that knob-polisher Giuliani- instantly making America great again.

~One more term from legendary clit-diddler AndyBones, codename: PaulAllensCard~
Donald made an excellent point when he said "(blah blah) Nothing you can do, folks. Maybe you 2nd Amendment people can do something about it..." As Americans, we're all entitled to benefit from Amendment number 2, hopefully some hero will put a stop to the Trumpocalypse with an H&K G3 rifle and one shiny magic bullet
by PaulAllensCard November 26, 2016
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