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"Ambo Driver" is the correct, real term for the preferred term "Ambulance Officer" in the Queensland Ambulance Service.
by QFRSSaddle January 25, 2022
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Australian/NZ slang for a u-turn, commonly, though not exclusively, illegal and/or dangerous.
"fuck we missed the turnoff"
"just chuck a uey cunt"
by QFRSSaddle April 24, 2023
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"I'm telling you cunt, I didn't get that drunk last night."
"Mate you went up to a B-double and said 'I know your secret, Optimus Prime. You were fucking pissed."
by QFRSSaddle October 24, 2022
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A magic bullet is a blender that has never been used to process food, and rather used in the processing of drugs
"bro dont tell me you've ever used your magic bullet as a blender before, i know its bullshit"
by QFRSSaddle September 16, 2022
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the act of going to a lower gear while driving a manual car and flogging the shit out of it to get away from somebody or something
person 1: almost got pulled up today
person 2: what'd you do?
person 1: i decided to drop a gear and disappear, pigs didnt have a chance
by QFRSSaddle May 27, 2022
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to floor a car, or accelerate it to its limits.
volcanic: saw the SES bus today
me: so what'd you do?
volcanic: fuckn flogged it past them at 170
by QFRSSaddle August 1, 2022
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Who the fuck knows what B means? It's some weird ass internet thang.
Meme: B
Also Meme: deepfried image
by QFRSSaddle December 26, 2022
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