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The way food or drinks feels in your mouth.
Ice cream with pieces has a poor mouthfeel.
by Jeune Homme November 14, 2018
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The teenagers word for Maths. A subject which is taken. Consists of 7 participles.
Pronounced maths.
Im off to maffs ou. I hate maffs ou. Maffs is gay ou.
by Guaca Moley November 11, 2007
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A verb that can mean absolutely anything
Can be easily mistaken for sexual innuendo.
Can be widely used as a sustitute for fuck.
Derived from MAF.

See also: MAF, maffing, maffed, maffs
1. "You just totally maffed up my hair, Sally!"
2. "I want to maff that CD"
3. "I could just maffing maff you up that maffing wall right now"
4. "I maffed paint all over your face"

by SID the goose September 21, 2007
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