filipino term that means "instrumental" as in the instrumental version of a music track. in the philippines, "minus one" tracks would most likely be used for karaoke.
Otso-Otso (minus one) = Otso-Otso (instrumental)
by hi tio pot! February 5, 2005
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The sum total of reality.
All that exists and can be perceived must fit within infinity, thus at it's most simple scope reality is measured as infinity minus one.
by patternz November 2, 2013
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If you want to be really tricky, instead of saying P base three you can curveball it by saying P base four minus one. A P3 was originaly an unfinished drawing of a penis, but now has come to mean penis.
I started drawing a penis on my friend's homework but I only managed a p base four minus one.

"Quit grabbing your P base four minus one in public, Mark, it's impolite."
by The Horned Water January 26, 2005
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1. The rule that states that in order to be a pedophile, the person you are interested in must be at most 1/4 your age minus one. You must also be at least 50 years old for this to apply... other ages have different intervals of pedophilicness
Hank: you, I'm totally in love with that 11 year old

Jenkins: dude... you're like 80

Hank: One forth your age minus one, I could have gone with a 19 year old...
by squintz_is_da_man September 16, 2009
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A highly metaphorical phrase by the poet and historian Michael Dapaah in the song “Man’s Not Hot” which speaks out against anti-intellectualism, deems math to be a discovery and not creation of humans, and communicates that human opinions themselves are means of self-preservation and coping with pain. But, as Michael Dapaah notes, “metaphorical truths exist to facilitate moral living, not comfortable living. A mathematical fact is a literal truth, and if 2+2=5 ever becomes a metaphorical truth in a society—remember cultural relativism—knowledge becomes not only a means of power but a vessel of revolution.”
Dude 1:...
Dude 2: Two plus two is four minus one that’s three quick maths. Everyday man’s on the block. Smoke trees...
by True_Lust July 24, 2019
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