5 definitions by BobHopeLives

high-five sex: is sex followed by the girl giving her partner a high-five. This type of sex only occurs with certain women and is a sign that they are a keeper
so man do you know if your girlfriend is the one?
yes we had high-five sex.
by BobHopeLives February 17, 2011
a unit of energy equal to the amount of heat required to burn a human being rendering
them to ash in 2.25 hours, or equal to 236,624.5 kcal. named after Austin last name unknown who was believed to be
the most flammable man alive
How many austins would it be to burn down this building?
by BobHopeLives October 28, 2019
a monster that attacks mexico but isn't godzilla because he's in japan that attacks pyramids made out of tacos because he hates mayan architecture
"that godzilla-like-monster-that-eats-pyramids-made-out-of-tacos is attacking that pyramid made out of tacos
by BobHopeLives May 2, 2009
an accredited diplomat interceding on anothers behalf with the intent of causing a fight
To ambassatate on our behalf the ambassatator convinced our enemies to go to war
by BobHopeLives January 13, 2019
Monley: a man that is half monkey.

2: a man with monkey-like characteristics.

3: a man who acts like a monkey.
Calm down Tedd you're being a total monley
by BobHopeLives September 16, 2010