Ur just max but you want to stand out a little more, and be special in your own ways
Max-"i'm Macks" Other nerd-"isnt it spelled Max" Max- "too bad nerd im orignal"
by Shagging Rn January 20, 2021
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Another word for sex. Called macking because when you have sex with a girl and she claps back up on you or when your fucking a girl and your parts mash (Mack)
Iā€™m tryna Mack that girl

You wanna go back to my place and Mack
by Thedoctorofhalos July 21, 2019
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"Mack" Someone who may or may not be a bitch will be very lazy and a bery depressing person
"Hey dude I got macked by one of my friends"
by Wh4thefu3k October 10, 2019
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Seeing someone get into an accident. or getting into a car accident yourself.
Bro, this dude just macked on the parkway.
I just macked into this minivan just now.
by No Hesi October 07, 2019
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When someone is being annoying and needs to shut up
"Yo dude you really need to mack!"
"I'm going to slap you if you don't mack right now"
by smuns November 15, 2018
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