flirtin like a little bitch to try and get some
Spencer so wants Brody to mack on Jenn
by Heidi from the Hills February 27, 2007
When someone is being annoying and needs to shut up
"Yo dude you really need to mack!"
"I'm going to slap you if you don't mack right now"
by smuns November 16, 2018
To tap a frisbee already in flight in such a way to increase the spin while possibly altering its direction, or to tap on the center of the bottom of the disc to boost it higher into the air while retaining spin.
We were playing ultimate and he hucked it to me, but he put it a couple yards short of the endzone so I macked it in and caught it and we won.
by Jeff Latz April 25, 2003
you have just searched the maddest dog eva

hey mofo i ran into tha playa himself .... mack
by mackdogg April 29, 2009
Any preliminary foreplay ritual prior to genital coitus.
"I macked her whilst she was inebriated at the party..."
by GlaceFace July 8, 2009
George:Did you hear? Mack went to the midnight premier of Breaking Dawn with Josephine last night.

Sean: Yeah, it's because his name's Mack and he's super whipped.
by MackLee December 5, 2011
verb - a word used to describe the act of a violent hit; being jolted in a destructive nature
by cameron January 2, 2004