a piece of shit computer that is not compatible with most games.
lol look at john trying to download that mmorpg on a macintosh/mac its not compatabe, what a fool
by josh bernard November 04, 2006
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1. An expensive chunk of shiny metal and plastic.
2. An expensive paperweight
You paid $3000 for a Macintosh? I built a PC for $800 that can kick its ass and it STILL looks better.
by mikm June 11, 2005
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Starting in 1984 with Apple's Macintosh 128k, the Macintosh computers from Apple are very successful. Many things were changed, however; the CPU was from Motorola's 680xx to IBM's PowerPC to the now current Intel. The Macintoshes use a proprietary OS called Mac OS, which cannot be installed onto a regular computer due to Apple restricting it.
Macintosh computers, in my opinion, are well made.
by tyirujty January 05, 2010
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to answer someone else's question about my pc...

-does your windows laptop/desktop have a built in camera above the screen for video chatting and taking pictures and videos with ur friends like a photo booth?
not built in, but i had 10 dollars for one... which is better than a thousand dollars for an apple..

-does your windows laptop/desktop come with a remote control so you can play music, movies, pictures and more from across the room?

-does your windows laptop have a backlit keyboard?
no, but i tend to worry more about my computer actuaually working than how it looks...

-does your windows computer look anywhere near as hottt as apple's designs?
yes. you can CUSTOMIZE PCs, change things around, put it in new cases... it looks much better than a mac

-can you download and open EVERY email and file without worrying even a little bit about getting a virus? there are 8 known mac viruses, and over 20, 000 windows ones! yes- that's a real fact.
i have virus scanners, so yes, i can

-and let me also ask why all the people who are computer geniuses and web programmers and scientists and musicians and artists all use macs?
i know many people who probably know a shitload more about computers than you do and they wouldn't even want to touch a mac.

-can you type anything in a convenient search bar and your computer automatically searches inside all your documents, files, your music, your pictures, every single piece of information on your computer for items matching that search?
yes, its built right into windows. has been sine windows 98.

-can you click on the application dashboard and have all your widgets pop onto the screen (one for the weather forecast, one that uses your camera to provide you with a mirror, dictionary, calculator, calendar, and a family guy quote, and anything else you can possibly think of) and then with one click have it all disappear again?

-can you press one key and have all the windows you have open appear miniturized on your screen so you can pick the one you want quickly and easily?
macintosh users think there computers are so great because they have moronic quirks built into them to hide the fact that the operating system that they're using sucks. i could achieve everything that a mac can do on a windows pc that will actually get stuff done with about 3 or 4 thrid party programs.

and yes, i've used macs before and seen them crash. a lot.
by borstalbreakout October 13, 2006
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an alternative os which is less compatable than my calculator.
my mac ;loving freind cant even name 10 good free programs
its like a supercar, it can go at 400km/h but only on 0.5% of the world
by Kip June 05, 2005
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A family of desktop and laptop computers from Apple, introduced in 1984. It was the first computer to popularize the graphical user interface (GUI). The combination of Mac hardware and software has been exceptionally consistent over the years, providing an ease of use that Mac users have enjoyed. With a Windows emulator such as Virtual PC, Macs can also run Windows and DOS applications.
Mac User: "Don't you just love it when things just work?!"
PC User: "Really?! Is that possible?"
Mac User: "Oh. Sorry, I forgot you use Windows."

Never ask a man what kind of computer he uses:
If he uses a macintosh, he will tell you.
If he usea a PC, why embarrass him?
by Stephen Rose November 04, 2005
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A very stable, UNIX based computer that "PC Users" feel they have to hate. Any PC user should thank Apple because without Apple you would 1) Have no mouse. 2) Have no graphical user interface (GUI). 3) No Windows "Vista," because the OS is basically a copy of many of the features that Mac users have had for years.

Seriously guys, DaimlerBenz invented the automobile, Starbucks re-invented coffee as we know it, and Apple invented the personal computer. The first is always the best at everything.
PC User: Did you guys see the new Windows Vista preview?! It's sweet with the gadgets and live preview on the taskbar!!
Mac User: I've had those features for a while man...
PC User: Wow you must be l33t did you download a pirated copy of the developers release!!?!?!
Mac User: Uh no, I use a Macintosh.
by Matthew Gill February 08, 2006
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