The iBook is a laptop computer from Apple.

The iBook is sleek and powerful, sporting fantastic hardware architecture cased in asturdy, reliable chassis.. with good looks. The iBook's G4 processor and specifications seem to be a bit shit on paper (before you go into detail) but it performs brilliantly, Multitasking nicely and performing the toughest of tasks. Well placed WiFi antennae make picking up the weakest of signals a breeze, too.

OS X is beautiful and functional, sporting the Aqua UI and a spiffy dock. Better than crappy Windows and Linux anyday.
"Oh dear god, I just turned on my PC Notebook, and I get this fricken' Blue screen of death!!"
"And all I got was a sexy UI."

"Windows has crashed, and OS X is running smoothly"
by Eric the Wolf March 26, 2005
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A very Stupid thing made by Apple Coz they cant afford to make proper Notebook... Very Stupid with the lowest Battery Power and crappy Grafix.... It iz wayyy too cheap with not enuff Drive space... Thats why the created the... iPod... Stupid people...

I also personally think Apple is made by Microsoft Secretly so they raise sales for atleast one product...'
'OMFG! I cant fit anymore stuff on my iBook!!!'
'Thats what you get when you cant afford another $50!!!'
'What!! an extra 40 GB costs $50!!?'
'Duh! B'u'll gates cant afford another $49 for extra Disk Space.. JUST LIKE YOU!!! but You Cant afford another $1 on top of that...'
by Darkest Moonlight September 13, 2006
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n. A name given to the student composed tech support in public school counties where every student is loan an Apple iBook laptop.
I hate those stuck up iBookers and their condescending tones.

Omg, iBookers have no life.
by Ali Najafabadi November 15, 2004
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-A crappy computer from Macintosh(crapy anyways) that uses a small battery that can't run a small machine.
-A computer that can't run its own apple works
-Machine that locks up ONLY 4 times a day
John: I have a ibook.
Jim: I am sooooooo Sorry!
John: Thank you!
by Einstein March 17, 2005
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Apple's laptop released in 1998 look like sea shell or toilet lid in early model, later model use a whole piece of white plastic as a shell similar to MacBook in 2006. Use more cheaper PowerPC G3 as processor and powerful AirPort network card easily let you connect to Internet.
When you buy a old iBook didn't format the HD, you will see a lot of student work on it, it's mean most users of this laptop in 1998 to 2001 is students.
Iconic handle and multiple colour in early model make it become most special laptop in late 90s also most iconic one in Apple computers , and make Apple avoid bankruptcy disaster.
Although is beautiful, but whatever Toshiba, IBM or some brands may never released a laptop reminiscent of toilet lid like iBook
by Digitaaliset September 9, 2023
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