A country Tito made up to piss off Greeks and Bulgarians.
Tito: You know what would really piss off those fuckers? If I made a country called Macedonia.
Stalin: LOL, that's awesome!
by Nikolai Jerkov June 13, 2007
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Beautiful and ancient land, with friendly people. Come and visit it.
I have been in Macedonia last year, and i am coming again in this beautiful land for sure.
by Alex January 18, 2005
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Home of Macedonians, brave people who love good wine, good music and their fatherland. Home of Alexander the Great, the greatest Macedonian and world hero of all times. Home of Samuel, Gotze Delchev and many other heroes!

You have to love this country with its great and ancient culture!
Egej, Vardar i Pirin se vo Makedonija.
by Risto March 2, 2005
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The home of Alexander the Great, the man who spread Greek culture to the edges of the known world over 300 years before the birth of Christ.
The Birthplace of the Greek tribe of Macedonians, who fought with and against other Greek tribes such as Spartans and Athenians. The home to the first Greek leader to unify all the Greek City states to rule the known world. The home to over two million residents in Modern day Northern Greece, whilst also the home to a slavic race of people to the north in FYROM (The fomer Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)who linguisticly and culturaly are very close to Bulgarain, if not the same. Not related to the ancient macedonians as the Slavs arived 1000 years after Alexander the Great which by then the poeple identified themselves as Byzantines and the term Macedonia had been lost for hundreds of years.
Hi I`m Macedonian born in Thessaloniki, well I am Peloponesian born in Kalamata and ethnicaly and culturaly we are both Greek.
by Jim February 7, 2005
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A geographical region in the north of Greece. It includes cities like Serres, Katerini and Thessaloniki. Beautiful landscape, homeland of Alexander the Great( the real one, not a slavic barbarian..)
Macedonia became one of the stongest greek kingdoms and conquered the known world of that time.
by www.uom.gr April 10, 2005
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A cultural and historical region of northern GREECE! No association with FYROM! If you refer to FYROM as Macedonia you are wrong, very.
Proof: Alexander the Great was Greek and spoke Greek. Everything from ancient Macedonia is in Greece! There is one Macedonia and that Macedonia is 100% GREEK!
"I Makedonia eison oli i Ellada"
"Macedonia is all of Greece"
by ATG April 4, 2005
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Macedonia was the name of the kingdom in Northern Greece that became the most powerful empire in the ancient world after Alexander the Great conquered most of the known world and enlightend the far corners of the earth with Hellenic civilization. Macedonia was is and always will be greek. Macedonia was the birthplace of Alexander, who was educated by Aristotle. The contribution of Macedonia was so great that people who know nothing about history attempt to lay false claims about the hellenic legacy of macedonia , because they burn with envy. Macedonians are the greeks that come from Northern Greece , like the city of Thessaloniki. If you are from FYROM (skopje) then you are not macedonian , you are a slav.
Slav : im Macedonian
Greek : really im Macedonian too , do you speak greek?
Slav : no
Greek : then your not Macedonian , your a slav from Skopje
by Makedonas September 10, 2006
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