Macedonia is an identity, that hold out to this day the pressure from all people around Macedonian land. Bulgarians adopted the language (they spoked Bulgarian witch is now forgotten).Greeks abuse the great heart of Alexander the Macedonian and the fact that he spread the Hellenic language, instead of his own Macedonian language.Macedonia lives in the hearts of Macedonians and there is no power that can change that.
Today's Macedonian language, in the Republic of Macedonia,(also in Bulgaria, Serbia and all slav countries)have Antic Macedonian root- Old Macedonian language.
This fact is described in the work of prof. Aristotel Tentov
by Proud Macedonian February 25, 2008
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macedonia-makedonija republic of macedonia-republika makedonija is a nation in south eastern europe its capital city is solun (thessoleniki) its language is macedonian it is bordered by serbia albania bulgaria kosovo and (FTROG) former turkish republic of greece it has a population of over 4,000,000 90 % of the country is macedonian orthodox.
united macedonia
by makedon November 18, 2009
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You can't blame all the other shitty countries for claiming Macedonia is theirs. Just look at how beautiful it is! They wish they had land like this.
(more shitty countries): MACEDONIA IS OURS.
Macedonians: Literally, no.
by GreeksAreGay April 09, 2014
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A small town that’s home like no other some people know it as Methodina because every where you look especially at the Handy Mart your guaranteed to see a Crackhead and a Methhead.
Macedonia a town like no other.
by AmericaStrong November 11, 2019
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