Located in the center of Balkan Peninsula, Macedonia is ethnic territory compounded from three parts Vardar, Pirin and Aegean Macedonia
Ancient Macedonian tribes were settled on this territory and were united by the first Macedonian king Macedon. The most known Ancient Macedonian kings are King Philip 2nd who achieved to conquer whole Greece (338 BC, Battle of Chaeronea ), and his son Alexander 3rd the Great (or Alexander 3rd the Macedon) who is one of the biggest conquerer in the history of mankind who achieved to invade 75% of the ancient known world (Persia, Egypt,parts from India etc). Soon after his dead his empire falls apart in smaller regions, kingdoms governed by his generals and their dynasties.
Despite the nowadays Greek possessive propaganda there are many evidence why Ancient Macedonians weren't Greeks:
1. They had their own Macedonian language nothing similar to Ancient Greek (the language is the most important mark of one nation)
2. They were never invited to participate the ancient Olympic Games (the only allowed to compete were the Greeks).
3. They had their own religion.
4. Alexander 1st (5 century BC) was was called "phillhellen" which means "friend of the Greek people". He supplied the Greeks with timber which they desperately need it to build fleet to win the war against the Persians.
5. One of the most known Greek orator and statesman Demosthenes in his speeches called "Philipiki" (against the Macedonian King Philip 2) called the Macedonians a tribe that has no connection with the culturally elated Greece.
The Macedonian region in the 3 century BC falls under Roman rule until the Middle Ages when Macedonian King Samoil creates big kingdom.

Macedonians are mixture from the the Ancient Macedonians and the Slavs who conquered this territory in 6-7 century AD (with the big movement of nations in Europe). This territory was torn apart in 1913 (The Balkan Wars) between the allied Balkan countries (Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Albania) which first banished the Ottoman Empire from it's territory (550 years under Turk rule) and then divided it.
Greece invaded Aegean, Serbia Vardar and Bulgaria Pirin Macedonia. Albania invaded small south-western part of its territory
The Republic of Macedonia was formed as socialist Republic in the Yugoslavian Federation from the Vardar part, its full independence achieved in 8 September 1991 after it separated
from the socialist system.
Macedonians and their rich true history.
by Voice of the Macedonians October 21, 2007
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Makedonija(macedonia) is a beautiful country torn appart by greeks and albanians who claim our(the people of macedonia)land and historiy to be their own.For example Alexander the Great did not like the greeks his father King Philip(Filip) counquerd the greeks and gave Alexander the control of the greeks when he died,The greeks in alexanders army were at the bottom of the ranks no macedonian was below a greek.i have plenty more to say but it will take me all night to write about it,also what is greece now was macedonia in the past making it our land anything found on it is our history eg. the old macedonian flag the verginian sun was stolen by the greeks not soo long ago because they found a tomb of a past king of macedonia with the verginian sun all over his tomb, the greeks now claimed ths symbol as their own because it was found in modern-day greece(ancient macedonia). soo now the macedonians were forced to change their flag. ohh and albanians stink get out of our country shiptari.
by filip-m March 29, 2006
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An ancient country plagued with political instability and war in the 19th and 20th centuries, only to have its southern most territory annexed by Greece. Its name, flag and history has recently come under intense scrutiny by Greece in an attempt to take Macedonian culture as their own.
1)My family is from the part of Macedonia invaded by Greece.

2)Q:Whats ur backround yo?
A:I'm Macedonian, ye ye.
by Elias Nitsopoulos January 16, 2006
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Macedonia is a country in Eastern Europe. Macedonia is the land of the Macedonian Kings such as the greatest conquerer the world has ever known - Alexander the Great and his dad Philip King of Macedon.

Alexander the great spread Macedonian Culture in all parts of Europe. 10,000 Ancient Macedonians Killed 15,000 Greeks, Its sums it up doesn't it? Macedonians are Barbaric and Greeks are not.

Alexander the great of Macedonia Died in India at a young age.

Greek: I'm Macedonian
Macedonian: Alright kako si?
Greek: Whats that Mean?
Macedonian: You should know its in Macedonian Not Greek. Funny how the Greeks love the Name Macedonia but denied the existence of Macedonia.

And by the way if Macedonia has forever been Greek then why did the Greeks denie the existence of Macedonia in the early 90's? If it was Greek it would Have been on the Greek Map and would have always been their not just written their by a crony historian.

The Greeks are afraid to Realize that it was the Macedonians that went to India and not them! Long Live Macedonia Alexander always will be our hero Macedonian.
by MASO4ME December 19, 2007
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The BEST country in thw world and home of the great ledgend Alexander The Great!!! People think that Macos and Greeks are the same but they are not. Greeks think they are better then Macos and Macos think they are better then Greeks.
Macedonia is NOT the same as Greece, If Macos and Greeks are the same then how come they dont understand each other?

Maco Pride is in my Mind, Maco Blood is my Kind, So step aside and let us through, Coz its all abot The MACO CREW!!
by MaCo Nd PrOuD January 25, 2006
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desrcibtion: Former member of the 'Greek City-States'.

synonim: Greek ass-kisser

Aim: To respect Greece forever, because they let Macedonia be a member of their nation
Philips II: Let's unite Greece!

Greeks: Who the hell are you son?

Phillips II: I'm philly, from macedonia, your greatest fan! If I can join you, Greeks, my son will try to conquer the world, with your armies, under the name of Greece. He will fail miserably, but will be remembered forever!

Greek1: Sure why not, aye?
Greek2: aye!
Greek3: aye!
Greek4: aye!
Greek5: aye!
by O.B.Ron December 13, 2007
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well jim if only you and your fag friend from Peloponesia would read a book that wasn't writen by a greek, you'd learn a lot of things. like for example, alexander the great really didn't like you greeks, why do you think 95% of the greeks in his army were mercenaries.
I am a real Macedonian, decendant of Alexander the Great Macedonian, not greek. and i UNLIKE most other greeks have stopped listening to my dad for questions about history, and have actually read a couple books on it.
by Aleksandar Makedonski May 28, 2005
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