Macedonia is a south -western part of Bulgaria ...the official language is Bulgarian ..their prime minister is a Bulgarian ..THEY ARE BULGARIANS ...their history is Bulgarian (facts are not to be ignored )..their culture is BULGARIAN ...they are from bulgarian origin ..Samuil,Gotze Del4ev,Hristo Smirnenski ,Dame Gruev,and so on are Bulgarians.!!!! MACEDONIA today has nothing in common with Alexander Macedonski ...Bulgaria loves "macedonia",but they hate her ...hope they will one day confess the truth about their BULGARIAN national identity ...sorry for the probably bad english
there is NO MACEDONIAN NATION .!!!!!!!
by noooone August 5, 2006
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Macedonia was the name of the kingdom in Northern Greece that became the most powerful empire in the ancient world after Alexander the Great conquered most of the known world and enlightend the far corners of the earth with Hellenic civilization. Macedonia was is and always will be greek. Macedonia was the birthplace of Alexander, who was educated by Aristotle. The contribution of Macedonia was so great that people who know nothing about history attempt to lay false claims about the hellenic legacy of macedonia , because they burn with envy. Macedonians are the greeks that come from Northern Greece , like the city of Thessaloniki. If you are from FYROM (skopje) then you are not macedonian , you are a slav.
Slav : im Macedonian
Greek : really im Macedonian too , do you speak greek?
Slav : no
Greek : then your not Macedonian , your a slav from Skopje
by Makedonas September 10, 2006
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(This is a copy/paste that i found on the net, it comes from an official letter from Governor George Ryan..Google the name Gyordan Veselinov if you dont believe me)

In an interview with the Ottawa Citizen on February 24th 1999, Gyordan Veselinov, FYROM’s Amb. to Canada admitted “We are not related to the northern Greeks who produced leaders like Philip and Alexander the Great. We are a Slav people and our language is closely related to Bulgarian.” He also commented that, “There is some confusion about the identity of the people of our Country.” Also, he related; “In 1995 my Country agreed to remove the Greek symbol from its flag and modify the controversial phrases in the Constitution.” February 26 1992: FYROM’s President Gligorov at a interview reported by the Foreign Information Service, Daily Report, Eastern Europe, stated: “We are Slavs, who came to this region in the sixth century. We are not descendants of the ancient Macedonians.”

Who's trully Macedonian now, you pathetic slav retards?
Macedonia is Greek, as it has been for 2000 years, when Slavs didn't even exist as a race..
by dontwannaknow June 12, 2007
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wattafak is Macedonia?
a bulgarian province, man, full of gypsies tho
by Helekko July 4, 2009
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An ancient country and territory in south-east Europe in the middle of the Balkan Peninsula. In the ancient history, Macedonia was a great empire which reached its peak when Alexander of the Macedonians with his army shortly crossed the boundaries of India. Sadly, there's one nationalistic and scientificly unproven belief that Macedonians were Greeks. This can't be true because of several reasons:

Scientific proofs show:
1. Macedonians had different religion than Greeks - different gods;
2. Macedonians had different style of life - most notably Macedonians were eating while sitting and Greeks were eating while laying;
3. Macedonians never were in peace with the Greeks so it doesn't seem logical if they were the same nation to always fight among themselves;
4. Macedonians had language different language than the Greeks, the only remaining from that language are around 200 words - "glosi" which have no corespondation with the Greek language. So this is the strongest proof, different language - different nation.
5. Even in the history of the ancient Greeks, Macedonians were hated by the Greeks because of their superiority and also they were always named Macedonians, never Greeks.

Since the decay of the Macedonian Empire until today, Macedonia had almost never been fully reunited by Macedonians. Because of its perfect location as a crossroad of the Balkan Peninsula and beacuse of its many natural beauties, Macedonia has always been primary target of foreign occupators (most notably: Rome - 5 centuries, Byzantine Empire, Turkish Empire - 5 centuries). In august 1913, on the Bucharest's peace conferation, Macedonia was taken away from Turkey and divided between Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Albania in the order of amount od territory. Macedonians in these occupied territories, had literaly NO RIGHTS granted. The occupators ignored the Macedonian nation, Macedonian language, Macedonian culture, etc, forbidding the usage of these elements. These kind of regimes are in no ways less cruel than the nazi regime. This kind of regime goes on today in all parts of Macedonia, except in the Vardar part of Macedonia. In 1944, in the Vardar part of Macedonia, Republic of Macedonia was formed as a part of the Yugoslav Federation. In 1991, Republic of Macedonia has achieved its full independence. Under liberate conditions, as the ones in Republic of Macedonia, Macedonians aren't affraid to claim their natioanl identity as Macedonians - true descendants of the ancient Macedonians. True descendants of the ancient Macedonians are the majority in the whole ancient Macedonian territory, but they are under strong regime and aren't allowed to claim themselves as Macedonians. If a country occupies another nation, it has no right to steal it's history and claim it as it's own, like Greeks and Bulgarians do to Macedonians.
Macedonians, the only true descendants of the great ancient Macedonians, are the majority of the whole Macedonia, but are admited as Macedonians only in Republic of Macedonia - the only true descendant of the great Macedonian Empire. Other countries which currently contain parts of Macedonia are just foreign occupators implementing nazi regimes.
by Macedonian September 26, 2006
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The Republic of Macedonia is a country located on the Balkan Peninsula in South-Eastern Europe. It is the home of Alexander the Great, and the birthplace of the cyrillic alphabet, and the Orthodox Faith. The people of Macedonia are descendants of the Ancient Macedonians who conquered, persia, the greek city states, egypt, and spread the Macedonian culture throughout 75% of the world.
by Steven Barnes February 25, 2006
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Makedonija(macedonia) is a beautiful country torn appart by greeks and albanians who claim our(the people of macedonia)land and historiy to be their own.For example Alexander the Great did not like the greeks his father King Philip(Filip) counquerd the greeks and gave Alexander the control of the greeks when he died,The greeks in alexanders army were at the bottom of the ranks no macedonian was below a greek.i have plenty more to say but it will take me all night to write about it,also what is greece now was macedonia in the past making it our land anything found on it is our history eg. the old macedonian flag the verginian sun was stolen by the greeks not soo long ago because they found a tomb of a past king of macedonia with the verginian sun all over his tomb, the greeks now claimed ths symbol as their own because it was found in modern-day greece(ancient macedonia). soo now the macedonians were forced to change their flag. ohh and albanians stink get out of our country shiptari.
by filip-m March 29, 2006
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