The men;Work and then come home to drink Rakija
The women;Cook graf all day
The children;Study all day because a "B" is like getting an "F"
The Baba;Makes kifle for the decina
The Dedo;Gives you money and drinks lots of liquor and thinks lamb is good :X
The teta;Revolves her life around the fortune told in the tursko cafe cup
The Tetin;thinks hes the only one whos knows how to cook lamb on a rotisary
The Neighboors;Wonder why the Macedonian wedding have to be so damn big and why we make a spherical oval and dance around
by zibbay baayyyy April 29, 2009
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a Bulgarian with a brainwash
There is historic evidence,that 55 and more per cent of "macedonians" are Bulgarians.
by noooone August 5, 2006
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The Macedonian People is the Oldest Proto-European People and the Macedonians are the Only direct descendants of the Ancient Macedonians.

The descendants of the Macedonian People are the Swedes, the Danes, the Sardinians, the Romanians, the Croats the Serbs the Bosnians and the Montenegrins.

The Macedonian People in Macedonia belongs to the Proto-European Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup I2A which is the oldest indigenous Haplogroup to Europe.

The Macedonian People is the origin of the oldest indigenous Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup I in Europe.

The Macedonians are the Original and the First Europeans.
What is your ethnicity?

- I am a Macedonian! Macedonia for the Macedonians!!!
by Beloved Love March 4, 2018
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An ancient people assimilated into Hellenic culture. Non-existent as a people today, although the history of ancient Macedonians has been stolen by slavic-Macedonians in FYROM (The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). They insist, through revisionist history and outright lies that they are the descendants of Alexander the Great.

It is well documented that the composition of FYROM is a majority Bulgarian with Serbs in the North and an Albanian majority in the West and Northwest.

The Slavs migrated to what is modern FYROM in the 7th Century and have only recently been calling themselves the descendants of Alexander.

Upon the creation of FYROM, all of the political leaders in power declared that they WERE NOT the descendants of Alexander (see statements of Macedonian President Kiro Gligorov).
Nebojsa calls himself "Macedonian" but the language he speaks is "old Serbian" and he celebrates Serbian Slava, thus Nebojsa, is really a Serb, calling himself a "Macedonian".

Goce calls himself a "Macedonian" but the language he speaks is a dialect of Bulgarian, his nameday is an old Bulgarian custom and he is really Bulgarian, although he calls himself "Macedonian".

Jim calls himself "Macedonian", his family was all born in Northern Greece, they speak both Greek and Bulgarian and there familial lineage comes from Athens (although they'd never admit it). They learned Bulgarian after the Slavic migrations South, but they call themselves "Macedonian" even though they are Greek.
by Oti rej! February 21, 2006
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A person from the Republic of Macedonia (Ìàêåäîíè¼à), Central Europe.
Brad: What nationality are you?
Stojan: I'm Macedonian.
by Brad Maines December 31, 2008
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A people composed of farmers and goat-herders who's favourite pass-times are spending all day in a half-drunk haze eating imported olives and feta cheese, drinking moonshine, arguing pointlessly and frequently, eating kashkeval, bread, peppers, pickled food, tomatoes and sausages, informing others on the history and status of their families and ancestors, and infrequently getting conquered by technologically superior nations (which is everyone outside Albania, and even then...) to the point of making the Scots look like champions.

According to legend, the name is derived from the root words "Mah-ke" (suffering) and "dom" (home) giving the name of this imaginary nation as "homeland of suffering".

Many modern Macedonians are very similar to modern Bulgarians, the language is almost identical, although they have had, for the most part, a different political history.

The world is generally composed of five people -

1. People who know they are Macedonian because they speak Macedonian, have distinct Macedonian customs and cultural idioms and attitudes, and come from Macedonian villages that have had a similar heritage AT LEAST since before England even was

2. People of Macedonian background who have adopted the Greek language and have adopted Greek customs, idioms and attitudes for one of two reasons (it's more chic for them to be Greek, or because it is simply easier for them socially)

3. Greeks who have picked up the imaginary arguments extolled by the Greek government and hold onto them collectively to the point of totally ignoring the blatantly obvious

4. The rest of the world, which really doesn't give a fuck and wants both sides to shut the fuck up ASAP, and doesn't really understand what both sides have to say.

5. People who think Kurds are Iranian and Turkish at the same time, that Scots are really English, that the Irish are basically English, that Native Americans should forget about their culture, and generally can't perceive political propaganda when they see it (or simply refuse to do so). Very similar to person #3.

Greek: 2300 years Macedonians and Greeks were the same thing! Macedonia is Greek! Alexander the Greek fought for Greece and did wonderful things for Greece! Alexander had a Greek teacher, he was in the Olympics, etc. etc. (insert countless pointless and distracting debating techniques here)

Macedonian #1: Ah bre! Macedonians were not like Greeks and didn't consider themselves Greek 2300 years ago, and the Greeks back then had differing opinions... listen here...

Macedonian #2: Forget it, it's pointless. This is stupid.
by Hobgoblin88 March 30, 2009
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Macedonian is a Greek who lives in the region of Macedonia in northern Greece.
Macedonians write for 3000 years Greek history.
by Ioan July 22, 2006
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