M8 is the lazy way of saying mate. Originated from Australia.
I'm a beat you up m8
by Dodo November 29, 2016
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A shortened spelling of "Mate" that is used on the internet, which in itself is a slang term from Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand which means "Friend". Sometimes used as a stereotype of people from said countries, especially when it comes after "U Wot"
by UsefulInfoBeing May 27, 2016
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"Oi" as in hey, hi , or hello.
"M8" as in friend, person, or just a living thing
Basically when put together can be used many ways, just saying hi or being aggressive.
Saying hi: oi m8 how you doing
Aggressive: oi m8! Oi m8 Are you stupid? Oi m8 Fight me.
by treyvon2014 April 3, 2015
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Internet slang used in video games usually used by squeakers when they kill or injure someone. meaning wrecked mate
Player 1: Dude you just killed me!
Player 2: get rekt m8
by The jelly man February 8, 2015
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Is an {abrv} fo great mate. gr8 and m8 are often used by themselves. it mostly used by lazy people or one in a hurry.
"How about 7:30?"
"That's *gr8 m8*!"
by _youtube_phangurl_ November 1, 2015
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o7 is an emoticon of a person doing a salute and m8 = mate. In essence it is a greeting said many times online in MMOs etc. It can also be used to taunt and opponent like you are about to kill or defeat them in game.
LOL o7 m8 get #rekt nerd!
by Mattux355 August 6, 2014
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An expression said by one who finds an object, situation, or individual humorous. It can also be used at ones misfortune. Lol m8 is said as a replacement or in combination with a laugh.
*Picture a guy that has been tailgating you and break checking you for miles. He finally goes around you only to crash his car off of a cliff as a cop sees him do the whole thing* That is so lol m8.

Look at that clown he looks so lol m8.
It's lol m8 that I just picked up some weed.
by joshisking October 15, 2019
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