The road that links Glasgow to Edinburgh. It sometimes has two lanes and sometimes three. If you have the fortune to drive on this road try heading west as there is less English.
Have a look outside to see an example. It has Tarmac and white lines denoting lanes for vehicles to drive along.
by bamberjamber July 8, 2004
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austrailian, mate
by Anonymous November 25, 2002
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no m8 is the expression used when someone has spoken unjustly and is out of social verbal boundries and need to be owned.
hey look this buddah has the face of jesus on it, thats ironic!.......NO M8!
by Tom hubbard June 1, 2005
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Used in Australia as an abbreviation for friend or mate.
Used in MLG compilations as a fighting word
"U WOT M8" "U WANT 2 G0 M8"
"NØ ITS 2scary4me"
by Ross Washington February 17, 2017
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The title of someone who is a friend, a bro, a nigga, etc...Usually used many times in one sentence. Be prepared to be punched if you use too excessively, sometimes it get annoying as shit!
Fucking what, M8?!


Hey M8, lets go hang with the other M8's, you down M8?!
by BgtennisbruhM8 January 20, 2015
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abbreviation of meight commonly used on MSN or in text messages.Commonly associated with the town of Barnsley though it has spread beyond the boundries of South Yorkhire, slowly taking over the world.
(on msn)
mr a says: or8 m8 ya ok?
mr b says: yeh m8 fine thanks
by Callum Nestor March 13, 2008
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