4 definitions by treyvon2014

Used at public building to aware people that a new mix tape has been dropped
*fire alarm sounds*

I guess daquan dropped a new mixtape
by treyvon2014 April 05, 2015
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Commonly referred to as fire or used to start fire
Bro daquan burnt down the music studio listening to my mixtape must have been too fire.
by treyvon2014 April 04, 2015
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"Oi" as in hey, hi , or hello.
"M8" as in friend, person, or just a living thing
Basically when put together can be used many ways, just saying hi or being aggressive.
Saying hi: oi m8 how you doing
Aggressive: oi m8! Oi m8 Are you stupid? Oi m8 Fight me.
by treyvon2014 April 03, 2015
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When your whole squad is fly and are cooler than everyone else that day and you just are amazing/outstanding group of people then your squad(close friends or people you hang out with) is on point(fly, or cool as can be)
Dang did you see daquan and his friends today because his squad on point!
by treyvon2014 April 04, 2015
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