Luxury sedan with an ultra-powerful engine built by BMW M, the racing division of BMW. Considered by many to be the best model of all current BMWs.
I'd take an ///M5 over an E55 ////AMG anyday.
by EJL February 24, 2004
Dream car for criminals. Good for running away from the police.
The bank robbers lost the police in a stolen M5.
by turbo March 7, 2004
The main road in England that links Exeter in the south west with Birmingham in the midlands. Infamous for it's heavy congestion and endless lines of caravans in the summer months
I know we are on the M5, I can see 400 caravans and we have moved 400 yards in the last two hours.
by black flag June 15, 2004
Probably the best car ever amazing 5.0L V10 w/ 507 HP that will blow the doors off of any asian or american sports car, and beats most mercedes (not the mclaren)...currently the fastest STOCK car available in the world.
Randy: I would sell my soul to satan to have an M5.

Check out the google video of an M5 beating a Lamorghini Galardo....(not a stock car)..O DAMN!
by RandyII November 7, 2006
The M5 can leave any riced up japanese garbage wallowing in its dust.
by turbine April 14, 2004
The ultimate road version of BMW's popular 5 series. The M stands for Motorsport. Capable of a swift 155mph, it can outrun most other cars within it's price range while carrying multiple passengers.

Just so you don't get fooled by the other definitions, the M5 was built to rival Jaguar's XJ sport and XJ exec. BMW aren't in the same league as Mercedes-Benz sales-wise.
That M5 tore <random american trash> a new assole.

OMG my vette lost and the wheels fell off! I need an M5!
by Gumba Gumba March 24, 2004