Assolation: the social isolation that results when you’re such an annoying asshole that no one wants to be with you.
Ever since Uncle Bob manologued at Thanksgiving, he’s been in assolation.
by LooneyTooney January 07, 2019
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an ancient christian sect known for their veneration of the sainted whore some times refered to as catholic.
i am an Assolic i attened the church of the Holy Excrament.
by jacin rome October 10, 2005
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The belief that god is in fact a giant ass and jesus was the product of the giant anus.
Bob: you coming to St. Paul's Catholic church tommorrow with me?

Jimmy: Sorry I'm not Catholic, I only follow the Religion Assolic
by Bum Killa 101 April 15, 2009
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Isolation of ass movement, i.e. the act of twerking.
Left cheek, right cheek- those are some serious assolations.
by TaintTantrum December 11, 2019
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