Its a social network that has more privacy than facebook and it has a rewards system.
Did you see my post on LYK?
by rainbow pickles January 15, 2020
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LYK it's a slang, it stands for "let you know"
I can't right now, I'll LYK when I'm free
by ChelloGirl March 18, 2018
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the "asian-wannabe" poseur like way of saying "like." as a fellow asian myself, i think that's a bunch of crap...
lYk OmIqAwD, w3 w3nT t0 dA m0v13z y3st3rdAii n LyK dEy WeRe S0oOo0o KeWl! LyK tOtAlLy!
by what name? June 09, 2004
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Lyk is a acronym for let you know.
That is fine with me. I will lyk what is going on later.
by Kcru97 December 07, 2015
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A greeting usually from one dingwallian to another. Does not always make sense, but must be said in the most rough accent possible. Helps if you're a tink.
"Wot lyk the day, coff"
"Aye no bad u know yersel coff"
by lauranfksdjfkdsjfs September 02, 2008
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An expression to use on some sort of IM chat when surprised or showing hints of sarcasm. =

Girl 1: heyy!!!1!!eleventyone!11
Girl 2: lyk woah girl!! how ar yoo??
by sporksplade January 24, 2007
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