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To throw summink.

Never heard of it having anything to do with being drunk?!
Clive: Hey Bell End, Luzz that remote control over here.
Bell End: Unfortunately, I've just Luzzed it out the window.
Clive: Why did you Luzz it out there?
Bell End: Because you've been Luzzing it about all evening and it was beginning to piss me off.
by TomHarris January 06, 2007
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basically an action word used in many situations
to steal, to throw up, to drink (to get luzzed means to get drunk), to run, to pass, to open (luzz that window open would you?), to push, to pull, to row, to drive in a generally manic manner, to hit
Mike: dubs, we luzzed bare stuff today
Dubs: bare! i'm so luzzed, i think im gonna luzz
mike: bare! i'll luzz the window open, luzz up out there
dubs: okay bare. *throws up* lets luzz a couple more and luzz over to the next pub
mike: bare, lets go
and off they luzz to get luzzed and probably luzz again and then go off to luzz bare stuff and then luzz it at passers by
by jubdubs September 08, 2005
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short for looserish.
use it when you get bored of saying sketch
Neutron: I think i may join the science fair.
Electron: Science fair is so luzz. Youre such a sketchball.
by Leslie Miller April 13, 2008
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A female, derived loosely from "Slut". But often used affectionately.
"She's a good luzz"


"Richie went home with some 30 year old luzz as usual"
by halfbrick December 16, 2008
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