word for cool, because cool is so dead that its bloody corpse has filed complaints
that corpse metaphor was not witty or lush.
by kae222 July 01, 2004
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Often used to describe something that is considered to be ultra-nice, often used with taste, item of clothings or a nice looking girl/boy
"Mannnnn check out that girl, she is lush"

"Vodka and Red Bull is lush, I'll have a treble please!"
by Borris McFly November 20, 2003
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A word to express an emotion between like and love. For use when the relationship has moved past like, but still isn't quite at love.
A combination of crush + love = lush
I lush you.
Becky and Tim have been going out for a while. They are now in the lush-stage
by Secret Cupid Saturday April 22, 2012
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The new 'fresh'. A go-to word that can be used to describe any noun or verb which the speaker finds particularly rich in flavour, aesthetic or sound. It is used particularly in Jazz, as a tribute to Billy Strayhorn's composition "Lush Life" and the album by John Coltrane of the same name.
"Dude, check out the lush chords that Gamran is layin' down."
"Pretty lush garden you've got here."
by xxBrianBrownxx January 24, 2012
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Someone who likes to drink alot and get tipsy.
That chick named Courtney is a real lush! She loves to drink and then pass out naked on the hardwood floor!
by AndrewRhyne October 20, 2011
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Typically used by the welsh to describe something that's bloody lovely!

It can be applied to most situations.

Synonyms: Awesome, Fantastic, wicked, fabulous, gorgeous.
P1) What did you have for breakfast?
P2) Cheese on toast. Its was fukkin LUSH!

P1) Did you see that bloke Dai Jones brought to the pub last night?
P2) I work with him. He's fukkin lush!

P1) Have you seen my new shoes?
P2) Oooohhh, They're lush!

*) I bought a lush dress yesterday.

*) I Had a lush dinner Sunday

*) Have you seen how lush Sarah's baby is?
by WonkyDonkey September 11, 2011
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1. British slang term used to describe something or someone incredibly desirable.

2. Stacey Young.
Wow, that girl over there is lush!

See also: Fit, Sexy, Hottie.
by mrdavethegreat September 07, 2008
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