A person (Usually older) putting down lure modules from Pokemon Go to get kids or younger people to come to him/her .
Larry: Dude! Someone nearby put down a lure module next to that really creepy house!
Simon: I don't know it could be a lurer.
by SeVaRe July 11, 2016
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When you want to get action from a chick but you're either in the friend zone or she wont bone you so you cum on her face while she is sleeping and then the next morning she asks what happened. You tell her that she gave u head and then she figures that she must've wanted to so she will do it again or anything else and from then on you get action all the time.
Mike: dude you should so bone Jen.
Chris: I can't she doesn't like me like that.
Mike: so just give her the action lurer.
(The next Day)
Chris: wow dude that was perfect.
by ralph mayhem July 31, 2006
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Someone who frequently twist the fact of something inferior to something superior.
A: Hey, want free food?

B: ok let’s go
As a result, A brought B to a church or a government building to get free inferior food.

B: you’re a bullshit lurer
A: let’s go to Jamaica, I have to do something important.
B: ok
In reality, A tricked B to Jamaica to pick up his ex girlfriend without announcing it beforehand. Smh
B: you’re a bullshit lurer
by Ya mon Jamaica November 26, 2021
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Someone who likes to describe about something inferior as superior or trick his friend to somewhere to pick up somebody the friend does not know.
Hey, I know a place that gives out free food. Come with me to get it. In reality, it’s just some government food or church food that’s about to expire.
Hey, let’s go to Jamaica, I need to do something. When they get there, the bullshit lurer wants the friend to pick up his ex girlfriend.
by Ya mon Jamaica November 23, 2021
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