The name comes from northern culture, typically used in Norway. People named Vetle have very high IQ and ends up as millionaires. The name is used when naming a future god.
Damn that’s a Vetle.

We must bow before him.
by OogaBoogaJoeMama February 3, 2021
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Norwegian version of the name CHAD
by jonas per November 6, 2020
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A name of scandinavian origin, means something like "Winterchild".

Mostly used in Norway.
Hei, Vetle, waschera?
by Vetsko March 25, 2011
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A Vetle is a sexy guy with a great body, good personality and he’s funny. All the girls love him. He is very popular and has a lot of friends. Sometimes he can be a real bitch but usually he’s nice.
Hey Vetle! hvor mange hadde du til sengs i går kveld?
by Amalie69 October 9, 2018
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Vetle is the most beautiful name that has ever existed, and will ever exist. He has a perfect body and is the cool friend every person just wants to hang out with. Whenever you need help from someone you will always get help from Vetle cause he is just loyal and nice. He has amazing humour and the best of tastes in clothes and food. He never puts pineapple on pizza because he knows whats right and wrong. He has always existed he is basically a perfect god! He also reached 98th place in Dragon FighterZ.
Yo have u seen Vetle?
Yeah he is over by the orphants giving them a home!
Wow thats so nice of him!
Yeah, that vetle for you
by Sterken October 11, 2019
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Vetle is the most Norwegian you can get and most Vetle in Norway is around 1.80- 2 m tall and have a big dick. Vetle can also be used as a swear word as go to helvetle
My 30 cm subway is just as long as Vetles penis
by VetleRolan January 18, 2017
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Someone who breakes their nose running into a wall when they have a boner.
Oh no, Vetle broke his nose again!
by Karl2007 April 19, 2021
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