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A name of scandinavian origin, means something like "Winterchild".

Mostly used in Norway.
Hei, Vetle, waschera?
by Vetsko March 25, 2011
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Vetle means "little baby".

It is often used by Norwegian telling that somebody is a pussy.
"You are a fucking Vetle!"

"Stop being a Vetle"
by Larsur November 14, 2014
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A little dwarf who likes to masturbate and look at Ali-A play roblox. He also watches his "friend" sleep at night. When he is not locked up on his room, Vetle likes to take a shit on the street and harass women, often at the same time. Vetles natrual habitat is in his cellar where he keeps his sex dolls shaped as Pheanies and Ferb. Vetle also has a full replica of the iCarly house. You often see Vetle under a bed raping barbie dolls full of sauce, this is because when a Vetle is born, his Swedish Father dips him in vinegar oil, and after a while Vetle think sauce is vinegar oil
-Vetle slutt og se på Pheanies og Ferb porn
by TottallyNotFakeAccount August 15, 2018
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