n. breasts (orig. NW England)
by Shevek September 22, 2002
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Jugs, breasts, hooters, jubblies, big orbs.
"Check Tracey's baps, they're hanging out her dress..."

Wee Scabby - Christmas night out, 2004
by frank pubes February 5, 2005
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means "Black American Princesses". Originated from the movie that came out in the 90s. Starring Halle Berry and another black woman i cant remember, who took up jobs in a old white mans mansion as maids. he died, they inherited a fortune, end of story.
Why da world did 'BAPS' have to have a Dennis Rodman cameo at the end?!
by ibenotnoyall January 16, 2004
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Breads which can contain fats such as lard or butter to make the dough tender. Can come in multiple shapes dependent on region. Baps as traditionally made in Scotland are not sweet.
A: Those baps would taste really good with some crisps inside.
A: No, man, I mean the BREAD.
B: Oh. Sorry.
by stop.being.a.perv. January 29, 2009
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beautiful black princesses
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
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the sweat, and possibly groin yeast from the groin area, most prodominatly found in a the area between the testicals and the upper leg on a male. Although baps is usually the name given to this mixture when someone puts there hand down their pants and smears it on an individuals face, usualyt the cheak or nasle/mouth region. 'You got bapsized', 'im hungry,-here have some baps'
'while the boys were enjoying there inflight movie, waiting for their meal, jim gave Peter some of his Baps'. As he left the table Ron sneeked some baps in his ham sandwich. 'As the group asembled outside the church, Kevin bapsized the down syndrome boy.
by bradinga July 29, 2006
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