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Short for "lesbian until release date". Used in reference to female prisoners.
"I can't wait to do my boyfriend when I make parole, but in the meantime I'm getting by by being a total LURD."
by CS111 August 03, 2007
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This is an acronym classifying 'Love Words' or 'Words of Love' which are used to express love to your partner or to your kids, especially an infant who cannot talk yet. The word rhymes with 'Curds', 'Birds' etc. There is no singular form of this word, since it always comes in a pair or group of words. The word is formed by taking the first 2 letters of the word 'Love' and the last 3 letters of the word 'Words'. The resultant new word is 'Lords'. However, since 'Lords' can be mispronounced to rhyme with 'Chords' or 'Rods', we replace the letter 'o' with the letter 'u' for convenience. Another important aspect is that these words need not have conventional spelling since they are used casually and purely to express emotions. In fact, these words need not follow any rules of vocabulary.
1. He came home late and she was upset and off to bed already. He snug up to her while using lurds like "my chweety-pie, my cutie-babee."

2. She started petting her infant using lurds, saying, "my coochie-coo, my rollu-pollu. Is my baby hungry now?"
by Aamir Airborne January 17, 2014
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n. (lรปrd)

1. Derives from the fusion of the two words "liquid" and "turd;" excrement that expels from the anus not in the usual solid form but as a continuous, sometimes lighting-quick, fluid, filling the toilet bowl or possibly coating the rim of the toilet bowl as if being shot from a paint cannon.

2. A contemptible person, whose guts and blood you would like to see splatter from his or her body like "liquid terd" from an anus.

3. In hick speak, a "loud kid" or someone who does not know how to be quiet or subtle with any normal day-to-day activity, such as eating, moving a table, talking on the phone, or putting away dishes.
"I just spilled a bigtime lurd in that toilet that it rocketed out of my butthole, and my buttcheeks were coated with its spray."

"I can't believe he would rat me out like that, I could just kill that lurd."

"Can he do anything without making such a racket?" "No, cause he's a lurd."
by T-Rev May 24, 2006
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Heavily used in liverpool meaning freind, or chum
Ite lurd, s'appinin r u hittin on the mozam 2nite ?
by Twiggy August 03, 2004
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any alcoholic beverage that falls under the category of a beer; not liquors, wines, champagnes, etc.
Hey man pass me a lurd! Now this is a nice frothy lurd.
by Cassie Bradley February 25, 2008
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