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One sexually attracted to another or others of the same sex. A homosexual.
Dude! Bob just asked me if he could blow me! I didn't know he was Biloxi Press!
by Twiggy January 3, 2003
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(adj.) Describing a man who lowers their personal reputation by watching a feminine soap opera like the OC.
That kid has gone OC on us, what a fag.
by Twiggy March 8, 2005
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An alround multi purpous word used in any circumstance good, bad, sexual, or aggresivly
"your aunty pats dead !"
"well dats a quizm"

"WOO ive just won the lotery"
"what a quizm :)"
by Twiggy August 4, 2004
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To lick &/or chew your pussy.
Crystal can I eat you up if you don't wanna fuck?
by Twiggy June 16, 2006
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The trashiest city in all of Arizona; a congregation point for bums and druggies alike. Comparable to Compton, CA, with a Mexican flare. Cigar shops and porn shops are plentiful, with a sufficient number of weird bus people milling about in the streets. Entrance to the city is noted by a pungent smell of stale ass. Street corners and the front of 7-11s are a substitute for employment agencies in Mesa, the city with the highest per capita amount of payday loan stores in the universe. Most popular jobs: auto thief, landscaper, house painter, drug dealer/cop.

A charming city, really.
"Mommy, why did God create Mesa?"

"To extinguish any notions about the good of humankind, dear."
by Twiggy April 15, 2005
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To skinny dip on a crowded beach and then run round the beach naked
Eh , lurd this free willy'in is boss i feel so free like ive just been on a nite of mozam
by Twiggy August 3, 2004
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