Synonymous with cliteromegaly , or an enlarged clitoris , very large almost dick sized organ associated with hyperangrogenemic syndromes
This chick had a clit so big it was like a speed bump, a real majoris
by Davedale July 18, 2019
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A beautiful girl, kind hearted, generous, considerate. Very helpful. Is very hurt by injustices and strives to keep life fair. Lots of common sense, smart, active and just a joy to be around. Lights up any room she walks into with her natural beauty. To be with her is a pleasure.
Who is that wonderful person?

That would be Majorie
by sltrmtn February 05, 2010
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Anatomically correct term for pelvic floor when being worked on by a physical therapist or massage technicican. May be used to describe any area close to your naughty bits that may need attention, treatment, or MFR myo-facial-release
I think we've covered a lot of ground here today Bob. Keep up with the excercises we discussed earlier and remember to be conscious of your lumbar-sacral allignment as well as your Grundus Majoris.
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The 3rd biggest star in the Milky Way
Prof:VY Canis Majoris is the largest star
Nerd:Actually, that's UY Scuti
by I'm a Gaul December 20, 2019
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