This word was very popular in and around the Washington DC area. I first heard the word circa 1985 in high school. Veriable definition. Could be crazy, high, insane, tripping, pissed or thousands of other meaning. Definition is dependent upon the context. Example
"My friends mom sold me some bomb weed and then tried to get with me?! THAT CHICK IS LUNCHING!"
by grubbm2 February 6, 2016
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D.C. Metro area term for being absurd, ridiculous, or idiotic.

i.e. out to lunch
She wore what?--she be lunching.
by BB June 22, 2004
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Urban Dictionary won't post my definition of Gunning, whoever in charge over there is Lunching.
by Howard_HUZE May 29, 2017
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Lunching - Gerund: Washington D.C. term meaning that someone is acting stupid or lame. Similar to "out to lunch". Also, "lunchin'" or noun, "lunch box"
"Do you have a smoke?"
Checks pockets for cigarettes, "No I quit five years ago."
"Man, you are lunching"
by Randy Hull December 21, 2004
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a D.C word that can encompass any act when presented in the proper context.
A.I was smoking weed and i started lunching out

B.I had fifteen minutes to kill before class so i just lunched around in my car.

C.Yo dont play with that electrical socket YOURE LUNCHING
by myballsarebig November 26, 2003
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When someone is either not concentrating or is not giving their full attention to a task or conversation.
I just asked Joe a question and he just looked at me with a blank stare, he must be lunching.
by Ernest K. Cole August 3, 2007
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