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Respect amongst the G'd up community!
You ain't got no "juice" lil nigga!
by Howard_HUZE August 03, 2016

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Betting money that one doesn't have.
U keep Ass Betting and u won't make a very good reputation for yourself!
by Howard_HUZE May 09, 2017

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A statement that means, what I jus told u is true.
"Keesha and that nigga Kacey slid off last night!" Thats on everything! "
by Howard_HUZE May 15, 2016

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Said in reaction to being exposed to something cold or wet.
Close that Fuckin door, Oosh!
by Howard_HUZE September 19, 2016

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Prison slang. The act of getting to meal trays when only allowed one.
(Cafeteria setting)Bro, ain't no guards in here! Ima bout to beat the deuce!
by Howard_HUZE January 05, 2018

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A fair fight. One on one.
Come and get this Fade then!!
by Howard_HUZE June 21, 2018

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Haven't been in any trouble with the Law.

No Felonies.

That boy Jacket Clean.
"I can get a job anywhere, I got a Clean Jacket!"
by Howard_HUZE September 19, 2016

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