A word from the TV show Sam & Cat. Used as an insult.
Quit being so lumpatious.
by MyDailyMelody January 11, 2014
Used as an insult. Legit defined as bad. A word from the TV show Sam & Cat on the Nickelodeon channel.
by The not Asian Ryan June 2, 2018
Lumpatious means someone or something that is extremely annoying and big headed.
girl 1: omg blah blah blah blah blah

girl 2: stop being so lumpatious
girl 1: its not my fault i'm the best
girl 2: see. Lumpatious
by Cash_Baker_Lover June 2, 2019
From the tv show Sam and Cat, lumpatious is used as an insult. Since Cat uses it, it is not a bad insult. It means to me to be a lumpy potato-like thing.
by Lumpatious_Is_A_Word_ February 8, 2015
Alex was so lumpatious when he bailed out on the check at The Hamptons
by kk195056 November 27, 2015