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A funny show on Nickelodeon.
It's about how Sam Puckett from 'iCarly' and Cat Valentine from 'Victorious' meet and become roommates, as well as starting a babysitting business. Both characters work together well and they aren't afraid to say something you wouldn't expect. There are wacky characters, funny little kids, and lots of quirky-yet funny things said by Cat.
If you loved Cat from Victorious, you'll love this show. It's pretty funny.
"Have you heard of that show 'Sam & Cat"? It's pretty funny!"
by YouDon'tNeedToKnowWhoIAm August 19, 2013
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A weird Show on Nickelodeon about some retarded girl named Cat (Ariana Grande) and Some girl named Sam (Jennette Mccurdy) and there retarded adventures in babysitting.
My Friend: Hey dude have you heard about that show on Nickelodeon called Sam & Cat
Me: The show about Ariana Grande and Jennette Mccurdy babysitting like a retard?
My Friend: Yeah.
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by G_Bomb February 19, 2019
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