1. As an adjective, A word to describe a mean or annoying being.
2. As an insult, A word to annoy another person.
3. As an adjective, a word that describes a person who thinks he knows everything.

Official Meaning
Meaning 1: (Man) That boy is really lumpatious (Man 2) I know right.
Meaning 2: (Boy) Ha ha Ha ha, you are so lumpatious! (Person getting insulted) Stop annoying me!
Meaning 3: (Person) I know everything, fact! (Boy) Stop being lumpatious.
by TheElementOfSuprise August 29, 2019
Someone who is rude, disrespectful, or insane. As used in the TV show Sam & Cat.
Why is Jacob so lumpatious?
by February 17, 2021
Somebody who is rude and loves to hurt peoples feelings. Most people hate lumpatious people. People who are lumpatious are usually full of themselves and think that they are above everyone else.
Girl : I really hate that guy!!
Boy : Yeah everyone does... he is so lumpatious!!!
by lumpatiouspeoples January 13, 2014
1.Someone who is rude or disrespectful
2.Someone who is bad
Everyone in my class was being lumpatious so we all got in trouble
by pksparkxxx May 25, 2014
Lumpatoius means annoying, mean, or rude.
"Why you got to be so Lumpatious?"
by Sky1223 May 9, 2014
To be annoying, stupid, etc. Lumpatious is usually used as an insult to someone who thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread.
(Random Guy) "Duuuude I'm soooo awesome!"
by IncrediblyAwesomePerson January 13, 2014
Lumpatious is a way of showing anger like why go you have to be Soo annoying
"Why go you have to be Soo lumpatious !"
by Aestheticgurl78 August 23, 2020