2 definitions by Cash_Baker_Lover

Lucy is beautiful and talented although she doesn’t always know it. She has looks that others would die for but she hates them. She has an angelic singing voice and is very artistic. She is extremely loyal and would stay up all night texting you, she would even take all the time in the world to talk you out of suicide. Having a Lucy in your life is the best thing that could happen to you, but if she is upset you probably won’t understand. She keeps her problems to herself, thinking that she could hurt others if she talks about herself too much.
Lucy is a friend that you need in your life.
Girl: who’s that girl you were talking to
Boy: that’s my girlfriend. Her name’s Lucy

Girl: she’s really pretty
Boy: i know. She so kind and helpful too
by Cash_Baker_Lover June 2, 2019
Lumpatious means someone or something that is extremely annoying and big headed.
girl 1: omg blah blah blah blah blah

girl 2: stop being so lumpatious
girl 1: its not my fault i'm the best
girl 2: see. Lumpatious
by Cash_Baker_Lover June 2, 2019