An idiot or a self centred ego growing a-s hole
E.g: Donald Trump
by Willydillydaphadilly January 22, 2017
The term used as a replacement for more vulgar words such as fuck,shit,bitch,and more.

You're so lumpatious
by Budderminer2014 April 14, 2014
An informal term used in an episode of Sam&cat used to describe a stupid person
Hey u idiot your so lumpatious in this school go f*** yourself noob
by Epictailz January 24, 2017
Lumpatious a word from the tv show SAM AND CAT.
Often used as an insult
by HELLPOP March 18, 2022
slow mind and doesn’t comprehend fast enough (aka Cat Valentine) (season 2 episode 4)
by kk 671 November 16, 2019
It means someone Idiotic, mean, or just absolutely fucked up.XD
by Faze Ghidorah April 16, 2019
Someone who’s a bully that no one likes.
Shona- OMG, why does Bruce have to be so fucking lumpatious FFS!

Renee- Yeah, exactly! No wonder why no one likes that lumpatious git.

Retarded donkey- I like him!