To agree to go to an event and then having an excuse for not going.
She bailed out again on something we planned, not going to invite her next time.
by KawaiiCassa3 November 5, 2015
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To cheese it, as in run away, or get out of the way quickly
i had to bail out of the exploding car
by matt d June 10, 2004
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What industry executives petition the government to pay out of tax-payer coffers when they don't have enough capital to pay themselves their annual million dollar bonus.
CEO: Sales are down for the 15th quarter straight. Our product is not in demand. We have to lay off workers.

CFO: Better ask congress for a bail out so we can get our bonus.
by Kifoka February 4, 2009
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In Programming, giving up and running away before anyone realizes that your code has gone into an infinite loop and won't come out.
John had to bail out when his code went south, before he got Uber Pwnd by the boss.
by danag July 5, 2006
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In British rail enthusiasts terms to bail out is a short term planning route alteration or a move enforced upon the individual due to unforseen circumstances.
1 - There was a chance to ride behind Deltic 55009 so we bailed out at Doncaster.

2 - The line was blocked between St Germans and Menheniot so we had to bail out at Plymouth.
by swineyvee October 11, 2006
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In Programming: to terminate an excecution pattern on the basis of some error condition.
"No, no, you want to BAIL OUT after you run the stack-trace."
by mainframe November 1, 2003
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