An idiotic, stupid, dumb , person
That boy is so Lumpatious
by Unicorn10101010 May 18, 2020
Rude and mean people. A reference from Sam&Cat. Lumpatious people are not welcome on New Jersey
Omg Tyler dont be freaking lumpatious. Uh so rude
by Myathegreat98 January 5, 2020
This means when you be so mean to someone and then they hate you for life
Girl1: your so ugly

Y/n(your name): why do you have to be so lumpatious
Girl1: 😟
by Emo girl lol May 21, 2021
everyone thinks “lumpatious” from the episode sam & cat means to be obnoxious or mean but it actually means to act queer or homosexual.
“dude my hand just touched his hand.. i feel kinda lumpatious”
by guttergrl July 16, 2021
To be nice then become rude

To be annoying
You are quite lumpatious for stealing Mr. Lupin's favourite fruits.
by Baddie Smith May 31, 2022
someone that is mean, snobby, annoying, bad, unpleasant, rude, and obnoxious.
"Stop being so... lumpatious!"
by bread bowl with bread in it December 29, 2022