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Also known as Lumiqueer, a very queer internet user who does nothing but disrupt message boards by posting a torrent of insipute non-sense. Will constantly post articles of zero interest, and tends to struggle in debates and flame wars due to his queer-like nature. In some cases, he will side with neglected internet users such as Overtoke, following the "if you cant beat em, join em" approach. Being a queer canadian, it is no surprise that he is also a liberal.

Due to his awkward queer-like behaviour, he is banned from many message boards and resides at Hxman's tech talk where nearly all the posts generated are from him.
Man did you see that luminair fellow? he queer'd up the place like no tommorow!
by TinyTurd April 14, 2007
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an extremely popular MMORPG character, usually known for witty, consistant responses.
Hah, he pulled a Luminair when he completely raped Tim verbally.
by Chuvimaine August 08, 2006
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