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A group of girls that are constantly negative and always cutting everyone else down.
Well we all wanted to stay out drinking but the Lumber Jacks are making us go home.

They are always cutting us down.
by Modeen August 27, 2014
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The highly disciplined art of simultaneously defecating and masturbating.
One thing Cliff really enjoys is a good lumber-jacking.
by Douglas Thorneloe January 20, 2008
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A chunky jolly fellow usual by the name LJ or chris.
Gets a buzz out of cutting down tree's then retreating to there dark lair where they drink stolen Booze and play on holographic phones.
guy:Hey look its the lumber jack
LJ: alreet
guy: Hint!
LJ: i love you.
guy: Go cut down trees
by Mcpwnzorage September 24, 2009
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Guy 1 : Bro did you see him Lumber-Jacking the other day.
Guy 2 : Yeah, it was intense.
by JeromeTheMole December 1, 2021
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phone txt ** sup bro? reply: nm bro just lumber jacking
no shit? reply: exactly!
by bigbonza August 4, 2012
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To jack off in the middle of a forest or lumber yard.
Person 1: I'm going to Home Depot to lumber jack
Person 2: I enjoy the forest
by Shish Kabober February 8, 2022
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{Man last night was crazy! No other way to explain it! I was taking a crap and jerking off. Aka} lumber jacking
by Brendonious August 31, 2017
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