Lumber Jacking is when you eat something (no matter the size) in a single bite.
I bet you twenty dollars you can't lumber jack that steak!
by Alex Otto October 31, 2007
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when a girl bites your dick when she gives you head...shes chopping your wood
sally bit my dick...shes a lumberjack
by johnny hopkins December 16, 2008
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To lumberjack someone requires the efforts of two people. One, the jacker, hides in a tree while a second person lures the individual being lumberjacked under the tree and once in position the jacker leaps out of the tree onto the poor unsuspecting soul.
Brock has been pissing me off would you help me lumberjack him?
by Mitch Stanley & Brock Walker November 08, 2008
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a word you call a friend who likes 'chopping' wood
mahfouz: mascud is a lumberjack wtf does eat wood
mascud: i heard that also its nice
mahfouz: ur such a lumberjack
via giphy
by creatoroftheword March 10, 2019
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A man who can stomp colds out with his boots. Lumberjacks are said to be able to benchpress 900 pounds, but that is an unproven myth. Most Lumberjacks can actually benchpress 600 pound sequoia saplings that have been ripped out of the groud by hand. Lumberjacks also have thick scruffy beards. This is to show that they are in fact a Lumberjack.
Near the end of Step Brothers Will Ferrell is dressed like a Lumberjack.
by TheRoundOne September 21, 2010
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simultaneously puking and deficating.
I feel like I'm going to lumber jack.

I don't think I should have taken that last shot. I spent the whole night lumberjackin'.
by Jason Andrew July 27, 2006
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