A sexual act involving 2 men and 1 woman with large, floppy breasts. The woman lays on her back, while each man slides his penis under a breast from each side. To avoid touching each other in the middle, the men coordinate going back and forth, like 2 lumberjacks sawing down a tree.

May also be referred to as a "See-saw"
Man 1: "I'd fuck that fatty *under* her floppy tits."
Man 2: "Me too - let's lumberjack her!"
by sureshot007 October 17, 2011
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Term used to describe a chick that gives a lot of handjobs...(hand ho). One who "jacks lumber" (Gives hand jobs)
"That chick is such a Lumberjack"

"That hand ho jacks alot of lumber""
by Bphilho June 08, 2009
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A three some with one girl and two guys. The girl is on all fours doing oral to one guy while the other guy is behind her. The two guys take turns pulling the girl back and forth like two lumber jacks pulling a big ass saw.
by sudsy2007 December 06, 2007
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A chunky jolly fellow usual by the name LJ or chris.
Gets a buzz out of cutting down tree's then retreating to there dark lair where they drink stolen Booze and play on holographic phones.
guy:Hey look its the lumber jack
LJ: alreet
guy: Hint!
LJ: i love you.
guy: Go cut down trees
by Mcpwnzorage September 24, 2009
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When someone prevents you from getting an erection, or does something that completely turns you off.

Just like a lumberjack cuts down a huge tree, it can be compared to someone killing your wood

Similar to a cock-block but worse; it could ruin several moments instead of just one.
Bro1: " Dude, last night my roommate walked in on my girlfriend and I making out. The date was ruined and now my girlfriend is afraid of my roommate walking in on us."

Bro 2: "What a lumberjack!!!!"
by MonotoneJoe November 24, 2010
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When you are in the process of tea bagging someone, you pause for a moment with the balls resting on the face. You then hold the penis (still soft works best) up in the air and yell "Timber!" Then proceed to let shaft fall onto the persons face, preferably with a distinct smacking sound. For additional amusement, perform this while executing the ballnoculars, or the Gonzo.
My girlfriend was already angry with me last night, so I figured I may as well tea bag her with a couple of lumberjacks thrown in for good measure.
by helpy helperton February 16, 2012
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