Manchester united is a team that once peaked and played amazing, but now they have been reduced to an insufficient piece of garbage. Anyone that supports Manchester United is going to be disappointed with their performance as they are shite.
Person 1: Which team do you support?
Person 2: Manchester United
Person 1: oh, you must get no bitches
by rohaan's father February 2, 2023
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Manchester United is a football club based in Manchester. It was once a great club but now it is a piece of shite. Every South American that comes here becomes a huge flop (Di Maria, Falcao, Sanchez). It is now a club that fights for mid table spots and 6th place as Ole is not fixing anything
Did you see the match yesterday?
Yeah, Manchester United were so shite.
I know RIIIIGHT!! Can't even beat West Ham and Crystal Palace!
by the f.a September 23, 2019
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A famous football club from China and South-East Asia, but for some strange reason is based in North West England.

It has a few thousand supporters in England, but the majority of its fans are the Chinese, Thais, Vietnamese and Laotian.

Several medical studies have conclusive proven that a large percentage of their fan base suffers from dementia, megalomania, delusions of grandeur, latent homosexual tendencies and irritable bowel syndrome.
Fan 1: "Manchester United is the greatest team in the world"
Fan 2: "Manchester United is the greatest team in the universe"
Fan 3: "Gary Neville is the best looking male football player in all of creation"

Neutral Fan: "Manchester United are the second best team in England, the seventh best in Europe, and outside of the top ten in the world. Gary Neville makes Shane MacGowan look like George Clooney"
by Misha A July 8, 2011
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A T-shirt and merchanising team, also plays football but to a lesser extent
by Scorp September 22, 2003
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a merchandising company based in manchester, england, who are responsible for paying the referee salaries in the english premier league, also to some extent involved in playing football.
person a: this year arsenal will win the premiership! they smashed chelsea yesterday 4-1!

person b: no, manchester united will win, they have the most expensive players and the best referees.
by schjuell isttamaaItb December 2, 2009
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A team followed by bandwagoners and (formerly) teenyboppers who went for them because "David Beckham is sooo hot!" A money-making, merchandise spinning, whore enterprise that plays a bit of soccer on the side.
"Who do you go for in the English Premier League?"
"Manchester United!"
"Name another team that plays in the Premier League?"
"Uhhhh- uuuuuhhhhhh"
by Aussie Ben February 7, 2006
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The most hated football team in the world.

Their supporters all live in London, and they play their home fixtures in a theme park.

They sook because people sing about Munich, but are happy to sing about Arsene Wenger being a paedophile every time he goes there.

They fork out outrageous amounts of money for players who turn out not to be that good (Michael Carrick).

95% of their supporters live overseas and know jack shit about them, yet profess to a long-standing love of 'their team'

Their manager is the most pig-headed bastard to ever inhabit a technical area, who never sees an incident where a United player dives or does one of their typically scummy tackles, but is always prepared to get stuck right into other teams whenever someone gets tough on one of his players.
Typical Manchester United Fan 1:"Who is Matt Busby?"
Typical Manchester United Fan 2:"I don't know, maybe he's the groundskeeper"
by stephen pay amos March 26, 2008
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