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To take something, usually a piece of communication, and create a template out of it that allows one to replace elements of the communication to change the message. For a banner advertisement, for instance, swapping out headlines or images to communicate something else.
"The client really likes these accolades banners you did. Can we 'templatize' them to accommodate other accolades as they come up?"
by clubnobbie May 7, 2010
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How Starbucks baristas spell your name on your cup.
"The Starbucks barista's starbonicks were on fleek when he wrote, 'kreg', on my cup, "said Craig.
by clubnobbie July 24, 2015
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The state one is in when browsing his or her social networks through a social media aggregator like Flipboard. This is where one has no particular desire to seek out specific data or information, but just wants to mindlessly "flip" through "pages" of possibly pertinent postings.

Conversely, FlipBORED can also mean one no longer finds Flipboard of interest.
Eh, social media magazines are overrated. Frankly, I was already FlipBORED in less than a week!
by clubnobbie July 28, 2010
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Have you ever needed a Plan B drinking buddy? You know, someone you wouldn't normally hang out with at a bar or around a keg? But in the case of not having your normal drinking mates available, you call upon this person to join you. Basically, so you don't look like some serious psycho loner drinking all by your lonesome? A Boozy Call is like a "Booty call", but the booty is replaced with booze.
"Eh, Bob's cool and all. But, he's really just a Boozy Call for me."
by clubnobbie May 14, 2010
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An "IMail" is an Instant Message that is much longer than your standard one word or even one sentence message. Essentially, taking the "Instant" out of "Instant Messaging".
Chatting with Steph is so annoying. She's always replying with these loooong IMails!
by clubnobbie April 21, 2010
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To move an object to another position lower in relation to its surroundings than before. In an image, for instance, moving one element to a lower position in the image. Or, in a piece of advertising, taking one element and moving it lower.
"That logo is too high there. Please 'lowerize' it."
by clubnobbie May 7, 2010
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