Aitken's are usually very outspoken. They don't take no for an answer. They go after what they want and usually succeed. They speak their mind and are often taken as mean or rude. They can be very sweet and romantic given the chance. They live life to the fullest and take chances. They are usually very into music and/or writing.
by Alexis Jade June 26, 2011
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A ska/reggae author born in cuba, yet part jamaican. Lived frop April 22, 1927 – July 17, 2005. Also known as the God Father of Ska. He was one of the jamaicans that started to ska movement, he created all 3 types of ska. He moved to jamaica in 1938, and entertained people at the harbour of kingston jamaica. He quikcly raised his popularity by doing shows in nightclubs, and then started ska songs before the ska era even began. After his songs were owned by 3 different companies, he moved the england, where he started beggining the ska movement there, even though he didn't focus his tour on the USA, the united states still started the ska momement partly becasue of him. Aiken then settled with his wife in leicaster in 1971, he did a few gigs before a heart attack killed him in 2005.
Laurel Aitken is cool, whether you like it or not.
by Mark red... July 04, 2007
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a school where cows live, learn, give , grow and gain. Also refered to as the "farm."
"hey mate heard that your gonna go to school at Aitken College"
"Ha Ha Say hi to the cows for me"
by thesexiestofthemall September 01, 2008
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Brianna Aitken is a girl who is full of life and has many friends, although she is very fortunate her friends are not as lucky. Her friend Jay will be forever single because his brother will always be first choice, Jay is also very ugly and has no friends besides Brianna, Mackenzie and Jake. Jake another friend of Brianna and Jay's, looks like a pigeon but has Lord Farquaad's chest hair, he will eventually name himself Lord Farquaad because he loves Shrek so much and thinks he looks and acts like Lord Farquaad. And then there is Mackenzie, the girl who no one knows. Mackenzie will eventually end up living with her parents because she is unable to afford a place for herself and not many people notice her so she can't get married.
Brianna Aitken is a very fortunate girl unlike her friends.
by bamljcjm June 18, 2019
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euphemism for the word 'cunt'. In football, must be punished with a red card.
by BlazeOfGloredcard September 07, 2017
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adjective; beautiful and intelligent, practicaly a goddess of every thing
she is so Annabel-Aitken its hard to imagine!
by professor McGonagall June 28, 2021
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