A character in the hit anime/manga series, InuYasha, by Rumiko Takahashi. This demon controls man-eating wolves. He has shards of the Jewel in his right arm and feet. He uses Kagome in his battle with the gokurakucho. He falls in love with Kagome at first sight, and makes enough passes at her to anger Inuyasha.

Kouga's name means "Steel Fang."

Alternate spelling: Koga
"Because he 'has a tiny heart,' says Sota, Inuyasha is green with jealousy of Kouga, who makes repeated passes at Kagome."
by Chika July 21, 2005
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The leader of the wolf demon pack in the anime/manga series Inuyasha.

Description: sexay, very tall, w/long black hair that's pulled back in a high ponytail, and wears fur pelts on his shoulders, lower legs, and left arm. also has pointed ears, a tail (debatable), and wears a headband.

He is strong-willed and very outspoken, and often has a tendency not to respect others whom he feels superior to--which is everybody. ^_~
Kouga and Inuyasha do not get along.

Kouga's leash belongs to Shawna.

Kouga is a hot wolf youkai.
by The Gifted Ten February 19, 2004
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