A lesbian. One who flicks her lover's 'bean' (clitoris). A woman who drinks from the furry cup...etc
"I hear that Ellen DeGeneres likes to wear comfortable shoes. Do you think she's a rug-muncher."
"Dude, she's a full blown beanflicker alright. Bitch wears dungarees ffs!"
by st0gey March 26, 2005
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Item used to assist in stimulation of the clitoris and surround area. A 'Beanflicker' is the rubber counting thimble that Post Office clerks use.
Your beanflicker needs a wash!
by Skirtlifter January 10, 2005
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Someone who associates with people who are frankly cunts, and they know this, but they still hang out with them...
Why do you hang out with Peter Tipple?! You're such a fucking beanflicker!
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