A feeling caused by the chemicals in your body that causes feelings and reactions in the body an brain. A knowledgable choice to want another human being to be healthy and happy. Even if the person is not with you. To accept all of a person's past and present mistakes and skeletons, and still care for them. To want to show kindness and ease another persons suffering in this world. To help another person grow.
by OddGirlOut February 07, 2015
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What liberals claim to believe in to give them moral superiority, without actually practicing.
This election people voted for hatred (Trump) over love (Hillary)
by Some idiot on the internet November 12, 2016
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A thing you feel without control that breaks you down and in the end destroys your last bit of hope.
I love her so much. She doesn't know how much she means to me. If only she loved a girl like me back.
by Aph Iggybrows March 17, 2016
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Love is the feeling you get when you are really pasionate about someone. There are many different types of love, romance, family, friends etc... When you lay in bed at night thinking about the one you love. Love is the most powerful thing on earth. Love is Power. When you are around somebody you love, you feel happy. Love is tenderness.
by i<3luv January 26, 2012
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Giving someone the key to your heart and asking them to not use it to destroy you.
Joe- I love you!
Jill- I don't.
Joe- *sobs*
by Shaffman_87 February 15, 2010
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Love is to give everything that you have to someone else. Love is to give not only a Kidney so that they could live but you must be willing to give you heart so that they can live. And yes you couldn't live without your heart but you couldn't live without them either, you can live on in them. Love is to run into danger to save the one you love from a burning building or to risk it all to save them from drowning. If you didn't risk it all then you will regret not trying. Love is the gentlest touch to the biggest hug you ever received or got. Love doesn't need to be spoken but it is understood, it can be felt throughout the known world, if two atoms could be connected then two souls could be connected. If one hurts then the other one hurts. If one feels joy then so does the other. Love is not one sided. Both people should give their all. And it doesn't have to be equal treatment but equal effort. Love doesn't keep score. Love always forgives. Love is knowing when to wait. Love is patient. That if two people love each other and believe in god then they will find each other. Love can heal the broken and the broken-hearted. Love can heal the lost and the lovesick. Love will never and I mean Never be beaten by evil. For love I would sacrifice myself for whom is most important.
Love is amazing if you use it right. Love is patient.
by RuNaWayCar2 February 17, 2018
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